Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Knit of Passion Winners

Since I had so many responses, I decided to have a "best answer" winner and another drawn from a hat. The Knitorious Mrs. B had the best response as voted by my knitting group.

Her answer:

Why do I knit? You might as well ask "why do you breath'? I'm driven to knit every day, every where, any where and any time I can! I think the motivation to knit continously is an internal mechanism hardwired in my brain that provides me with a sense of peace, power, pleasure, and fullment in the knowledge that I am creating, receiving and giving all at the same time. It is not merely hobby or craft to me. I view knitting as a philosophy with this core belief: Yarn plus needles equals productive tranquility! I would have knitted through my last PAP SMEAR if it were possible to work my cables without running the risk of dropping a stitch!

Thanks for asking!

I think I would also knit during my yearly exam also.

The other winner is a non-blogger, Malisa. Her answer was:

Reason 1: I knit to stay sane! I am a 6th grade school teacher and mother. My daughter is 12 and my son is 8. When I knit something beautiful I have a tangible item that will stay complete and can be used. As a teacher and a mother my other tasks are NEVER complete. There is always more laundry, homework, laundry, shopping, laundry, paperwork, sorting, laundry, planning, laundry, grading, laundry, grounding, soccer, laundry, concerts, doctor and dentist appointments and did I mention the freeking laundry! My knitting is always with me. As soon as I figure out a way to fold laundry and knit at the same time I will be sooo content!
Reason 2: I knit in memory of my dear friend, Kaye Peck. Kaye lost her battle with cancer on Oct. 25 this year. Kaye taught me to knit four years ago. She was an incredible music teacher at my school who made scarves for almost every new faculty member each year. I knit her a prayer shawl and she took it to every cancer treatment. Her husband gave me her stash and I intend to keep up the tradition. I miss my friend and I feel her with me when I knit.

Thank you to all who entered. I had so much fun reading your answers. I may do another contest early next year!

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