Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm a mean, mean, mean person.

Zack has developed a hot spot (see this Warning).  And while I am not surprised that he has taken up a nervous habit, I had hoped the vet could prescribe some sort of medication or a lobotomy--whichever is cheapest.

We had to put a halo collar on him this week to prevent him from making the spot worse.  Dave and I--well mostly me--have had a wonderful time telling people different reasons why Zack has this on.

A few of our favorites are:
  • Zack misread the instructions on his new umbrella
  • Zack has decided to be Elizabethean Collie
  • Dave wants all access to college football games on cable but refuses to pay for it.
  • A new invention:  The Catch All Bowl.  A portable way to make sure NO food thrown your way goes to waste.  Act now and you'll receive two Catch All Bowls.  Just pay S & H.
  • Zack is the Catholic Church's newest saint but they ran out of halos.
  • A emergency braking system for my car.  Just let Zack hang out the window and viola, instant stops
  • The sunflower in the new school performance of "Chicken Little"
  • The new sun-tanning sensation
  • A standing water basin designed specifically for chipmunks
Please feel free to add your interpretation of Zack and his new collar.

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Anonymous said...

Add a bunch of flowers to him and he'll be a "Collie Flower":O)