Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Knitter's Book of Yarn and other knitting books

I just got this book in mail from Amazon. I briefly drooled over it at a Barnes and Nobles but had no money to buy it. My apologies to the person who buys the spitty book.

Clara Parkes from the Knitter's Review (great site, BTW) has written a masterpiece of yarnology. She actually explains the entire yarn making process from how the raw material (and divides the raw material in catagories) starts out to how it's harvested to how it's spun into yarn. She included patterns that teach you how to bring out a yarn's pluses and minimizes it's bad traits. Love it!!

I also bought my annual children's Christmas books. For ten years, I buy three children's books that tell different stories. This year was "The First Christmas Stocking", "Room for a Little One", and the "Christmas Donkey".

My fave is the "Christmas Stocking" because it's about knitting and the spirit of giving--something knitters are known for.

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