Saturday, June 30, 2007

Things You Never Thought Would Come out of Your Mouth

1. "No, Zack. I don't want to play with your squeaky wet rubber chicken." Told to my Collie as he pushes his favorite rubber toy, snout and all into my hand.

2. "Wesley, get that train out of the toilet. It'll clog it up." Told to my then three year son as he imitates the island of Sodor from that evil show, Thomas the Train.

3. "Regan, you are not a cat but a beautiful Mommy Muffin." Told to my three year daughter as she meowed her order to the Sonic carhop.

4. "Not tonight dear, my eyeballs are completely dried out from heat and dust." DH told me as he crawled into bed.

5. "Zoe, please don't eat Zack tonight--I've got get up early to get to church to sprinkle some holy water on this chemo cap that's possessed by a devil." Told to our Aussie girl in hopes she leaves the Collie alive and intact. The chemo cap which caused concussions by the maker apparently is doing well with a cancer survivor.

6. Last but not least, I can't go the yarn store sale--I have something more important to do- go home and roast a chicken

Someone please post something sillier in the comments. The funniest will receive a skein of cascade superwash.

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Jamisyn said...

Interesting subject matter. Wish I had something to contribute, but I can't think of anything!