Thursday, June 28, 2007

Soldier's Connection Needs Your Help

A local charity in Loganville, GA called Soldier's Connections sends care packages out each week to soldiers/sailors stationed overseas in the Persian Gulf area as well as Afghanistan and other countries.

One of the organizers goes to my church in Monroe and has asked crafters to make knitted hats and scarves for the soldiers to be shipped in August. Any pattern is fine but the colors need to be dark (no pastels, white, etc) b/c of safety issues. They also need travel soap/shampoo/hot chocolate packages, etc.

Any help is greatly appreciated. The charity is entirely staffed by volunteers through the American Legion in Loganville. The volunteers also pay for the shipping out of their pockets.

If you have any questions or need me to pick up scarves, hats or supplies, leave a comment! I'll get back to you!



Anonymous said...

Are you still sending knit hats to the soldiers? Your article talked about August only.

Christy B. said...

Yep, Soldier's Connection works year round. They just sent a shipment a couple of weeks ago. The American Legion in Covington, GA is in charge. They accept everything at any time of the year.

Thanks for browsing!

Anitia said...

to Christy B. Soldiers Connection is out of Amercian Legion in Loganville... not Covington and we do accept just about everything that can fit into a priority mail box