Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to the Knit Wits of Georgia.

It's been one year since my friend Jen and I started the Knit Wits of Georgia. Both of us are (and in my case, was) social workers. Social Workers are at the bottom of the job scale (both in pay and respect) and we both needed an outlet for our fiber addiction. And it needed to be cheap, preferably free.

We advertised on and in the local newspaper for two weeks and we got 15 or so people for our first meeting.

Since then we've had a field trip into Atlanta to visit the Knitch, Why Knot Knit, and Dunwoody Yarns. Whoever said half the fun was getting there never road with a gaggle of Knit Wits. Belated apologies to that bicyclist on Peachtree Road in Buckhead. I truly didn't mean to make you run into a fire hydrant. Also I'm sorry to that guy in the silver BMW (not really b/c YOU made the mistake of thinking I actually care about the appearance of my car). And since I'm at it, where do you get off thinking North Georgia College alumni are mean? Excuse me, Mr. Bulldog but UGA is not the only institute of higher learning in Georgia. NGC is the senior military college in the state.

But I digress (a lot). I've had the best time organizing this group. I've met the most incredibly generous but mentally unstable group of people and I've grown to love them all.

PS If you'd like to join us, click on the link on the left.


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Hiya! Welcome to the Knitters Review Webring.