Sunday, September 11, 2011

Warning: If your son compares your hair color to condiments, it's time to padlock the pantry.

When Wesley compared my hair color to Regan's ranch dressing, I knew it was time for touch up.

I'm all about saving money. My last professional hair color job was about four years ago and cost around $80. So in an effort to save some dough, I started dyeing my hair by myself.

I've tried them all--Revlon, Clairol, Loreal, Henna. There was also a disastrous
incident with peroxide and lemon juice when I was 15 but that's ancient history.

So Loreal has come out with a "Sublime Mousse" line. I chose Spicy Auburn Brown because that looked like it was the closest to my natural hair color (Not the Peroxide/Lemon Juice color). I did have problems applying the stuff. The mousse went everywhere including but not limited to:

*the bathroom ceiling
*a small fingerprint on Dave's toothbrush (I replaced it)
*my Scooby Doo socks
*Zack's tail
*the water bill

After 30 minutes, the color was rinsed. I walk into the living room to see Wesley dig around the cabinets looking for ketchup. He pulls out a bottle of Kraft BBQ sauce and said, quite innocently, "Mom, now your hair and the sauce are the same color."

Smart aleck kid--who was still smarting from the lawn mowing strike this past summer.

All I could say was, "Ha, Ha." Not original but I was still stinging from his comments.

But to his credit, he was quick with a comeback. "Let's try for Cheeze Whiz next time."

Little guttersnipe

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Kitten With a Whiplash said...

I'm planning on staying away from your pantry, lest there be unfavorable comparisons made. Sadly my hair is the color of Mayo - not bright white like a nice Marshmallow Creme, but off-white-ish-y, with a yellow-y-ish dinginess.