Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Warning: Feeding eggs to your dog will result in "egg butt".

Feeding eggs to your dog will result in "egg butt".

Zack, our goofy yet lovable Collie, has wolfed down some scrambled eggs about 20 minutes ago. Not that I mind--I managed to snag the bacon before he pounced.

What happens now should go down in the Geneva Convention rules for humane treatment of prisoners. Yes, the dog has such powerful gas that is responsible for global warming. Stop the presses, we have a new renewable energy source except that, we need gas masks whenever we get within two feet of Zack.

It amazes me that Zack shows no reaction, gagging or fainting when the smell hits. Personally, I claw at my throat and frantically search for the air masks to fly down from the ceiling. It is too late when I realize that I'm not on a plane and I manage to scramble outside.

Zack follows and I swear I see some squirrels with gas masks on. Nervy little buggers.

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