Saturday, June 14, 2008

Weekly Warning 6/15/08

Volunteering too much during the week causes injury by Sharpie.

It's a match made in National Enquirer heaven.

This week from 9-3 was Boy Scout Camp. Somehow, I was Craft Leader. And I know what you're thinking. What person in their right might would designate Christy as craft leader? It wasn't too bad. I help to make 60 walking sticks and only tied my fingers together twice. The hot glue gun splattered onto my fingers once. That silly popsicle stick frame didn't mean to gouge my eye.

Then it was onto Vacation Bible School at my church where I was a kindergarten leader from 5:00-8:30.

Finally, I helped Dave's campaign for school board by putting up signs on roadways between roadtrips to Walmart for twine and Hobby Lobby for pin backings.

Where does the felonious Sharpie come into play? I loaded all my supplies into the car. Actually, to be honest, I threw all the supplies in the car. I was hot, the kids were cranky and all we wanted to do was go home.

Well, got home and realized I smelled an open Sharpie. Looked everywhere and I turned my head. Looking like a huge hickey, I had a glob of red Sharpie marks on my neck. When I threw the supplies in, one came uncapped and landed in the tiny little section between my seat and the headrest with the felt end sticking out. And as we know, Sharpies are permanent or at least last a whole long time on skin.

Forget about gun safety. We need education on Sharpie safety.


Lil Knitter said...

And you were doing so well all this time. lol
How in the heck did it land in just the right spot? I tell ya girl, your WW never cease to amaze me.
Hope that dang spot comes out without too much fuss.

Anonymous said...

Cover up, cover up, cover up. ;) So similar to the time I got my face painted at summer camp...not with face paint. I had a red flower/blob on my face for the longest time...

We've seemed to have glazed over the fact that your eye was gouged, however....ouch!