Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thanks to the Knit Wits of Georgia.

After my post about my new job as a social worker for pregnant women, my knitting group responded in a huge way. Hats and booties galore.

Now, off the knitting topic, I want to ask all parents--what concrete information could you have used when you had a baby? I revamping the "welcome" packet for new moms and want some imput from experienced parents. Please take a moment and post your idea in the comments section. Thanks a bunch.


Kathy said...

Babies cry 2 hours a day for the first two months. Minimum.

Stay in love with your husband.

Use paper plates the first month. IT makes your life easier.

Timiae said...

Too bad about Sp12! I don't have you either...

I'm not a parent and don't plan on becoming one for a while, but my parents have always told me about how terrified they were when they had me... my dad even asked the doctor if I came with an owners manual or something when it was time to take me home!

All parents are scared at first and are afraid of messing up... no parent is perfect! But, babies and children are pretty resilient and most mistakes don't have lasting consequences. Take things in stride and learn as you go.

Tiffany said...

Don't be afraid to try odd things to calm your child down. If it takes a spin on the drier (not in it) in the carrier or swinging the carrier in an Amusement Park Boat Ride-like motion to get the crying to stop, so be it. And if he or she falls asleep in the carrier... leave them alone. Just put a blanket on them and take a break.
And milk helps with those foot cramps as you begin to nurse. And the pain only last 2 weeks. Then your numb for 2 years.