Friday, August 3, 2012

Warning: Godzilla needs our sympathy and not "being made fun of because he's a lizard."

Summer boredom has overtaken the Hissyknit household.  Wesley is busy directing plastic army men in a life or death battle with a neighborhood friends.  I'm still addicted to my Kindle while Regan complains that she has nothing to do.

I flip on the TV and search for movie.  Thinking it would be funny (it wasn't), I left the channel on to Godzilla.  It was almost over and Regan soon became engrossed.  And then there was the scene where the humans are trying to blow up the eggs containing mini-Godzilla-ettes.  Predictably, the eggs hatch and out pops hungry tyrannosaurus rex thugs.

"OH, NO!" Regan screams loud enough to shatter my eardrum and make Zack howl.  "The poor Godzilla lizard babies!  Make them stop!"

"Regan," I sighed.  "The baby lizards are trying to eat the humans.  They have to die." Then I think for a second and continue, "You know this is not a real event."

"I don't care.  They are killing them just because they are hungry."  Apparently Regan has been in dreamland all her life because she has not observed Zack eating and fighting over food with the cat.

"Mommy, just because they are lizards doesn't mean they don't have rights." Regan states with her blue eyes shining with ears.  "You don't get blown up when you fishtail into Sonic for a bacon cheese toaster."

She had me stuck in her twisted logic web.  The little PETA advocate/Perry Mason/cute blonde.

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