Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Warning: There are no mental health therapists for Pterodactyls

Poor, poor Bob the Pterodactyl. Regan has been abusing this beanie baby for years. He's been shot out of a bra, thrown across the car to land in garlic knots, stuffed in an underwear drawer and other situations. Yet, he remains loyal to Regan and sleeps with her every night.

I have found Bob in a variety of places and every once in a while you have to bow to the absurd and take a picture of it. So it is with appreciation (especially from the dog who escapes Regan's machinations because of Bob's presence) I present a short pictorial history of Bob:

This is Bob dressed in beer koozie from Hawaii.  When I asked Regan why her stuffed animal was "dressed", she replied that he didn't want to be naked.

This is an early picture of Bob.  He got mixed up with Regan's bedding in the washer.  Bob should have applied for a restraining order then.

Bob on ice.  This was about two weeks ago.  Regan said he was having hot flashes like me.

This was about two years ago around Thanksgiving.  Bob was starving according to Regan and he didn't fit into a chair. 

Lastly, I believe this was a desperate attempt to run away this past Christmas.  I can't go to sleep sometimes because the horrified look in Bob's eyes haunts me.

If anyone can figure out how to add extinct dinosaurs to an insurance plan, please let me know.  I think I owe him a few sessions in therapy if not a beer to fill his dress/koozie.

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