Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Top 25 Weird or Otherwise Unknown Things About Me

And these are in no particular order.

25. I like chocolate. Actually, I LOVE chocolate. I would probably mortgage my house for chocolate. Dark chocolate, chocolate with fruit, hot chocolate, chocolate cake, fudge. You name it--I'm the Bubba Gump of Chocolate.

24. I love dogs. Got two of them--an Aussie and a total wack job mutt/collie/thingee. Both are like my four legged children. I only wish I could use them as a tax deduction. Not too fond of cats although I do have two. One was inherited from the previous owners of our house and the other was rescued from a jerk who liked to throw animals out of a speeding car.

23. I love funny movies and cartoons. Especially the classic Scooby Doo cartoons--before they inserted that little monster puppy whose name I refuse to post on my blog. The Far Side by Gary Larson is the best contribution to print media ever. I believe Mel Brooks is a genius and Young Frankenstein has one of the funniest scenes ever shown (FYI--The monster singing Puttin' On the Ritz.)

22. I love Texas and anything about it from history to food to football. You can take the girl out of Texas but you can't take the Texas out of the girl. "Nuff said.

21. Fondling yarn. I know it's illegal about the way I drool over yarn. But there's nothing better than walking into a well stocked yarn store with a couple of hundred dollars skimmed from the grocery budget. I love alpaca and unusual fibers like soy or corn. Also unique fibers that have limited availability are cool.

20. Am a newish knitter (about four years) but am addicted. I became addicted to knitting two years ago after I smashed my wrist into forty pieces and broke my elbow in three places. The PT and surgeon recommended knitting to help with my flexibility. Lace knitting is so pretty and practical for our area. Not a big sweater or socks person but I love scarves, afghans and hats.

19. Bicyclist but not during the summer. Summer heat, ick! I'd rather knit.

18. I've recently lost 50 lbs through an incredible book called "Body for Life". Watch what you eat six days a week and splurge one day. I'm down from a 20 in womens to a 14 in misses. Of course, my splurge is Sonic.

17. My car is a haven for Diet Dr. Pepper cans and Ben 10 action figures. I have a Mommy bag which I carry emergency clothes including a bra and a knitting project if I'm stuck in a parking lot waiting for swim practice to finish.

16. I volunteer waaaaay toooo much. To the point, I almost spread myself too thin. But I figure someone needs to do it and waiting someone else to help or God forbid the government to step in just exacerbates the problem. I mean, come on, look at the government did in public housing. Who actually wants to live there with the government as your landlord?

15. I'm a cradle Catholic. To those who have no idea, this means I've always been Catholic. Four of my aunts and uncles entered religious life and even though I will never be a nun, I try to practice my religion without forcing it on others.

14. I try to give blood every 56 days. The hardest part is not drinking Diet Dr Pepper beforehand but the needle sticking thingee is not so bad. I have one more pint to go to reach my two gallon mark. Thank God, the Red Cross added chocolate to their cantina instead of those horrid Nutter Butters.

13. I got fired for being rude at my first job as a drive through cashier at Dairy Queen in Orange, Texas because the manager overheard tell the cook the lady at the window needs to quit changing her order. That little nerdy manager, George, fired me for that. But I'm not bitter.

12. I have a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from North Georgia College in Dahlonega. I was about to start my MPA but got preggers.

11. Reading books is my second to favorite hobby next to knitting. Mysteries are the best. Julie Kenner is my favorite author. Harry Potter books are wonderful.

10. I'd rather visit the mountains than a beach but I'll take a beach in a pinch. And I love to visit historical sites and cemeteries. Also just an observation--why do the graves of women who bore 18 children without epidurals warrant an itty bitty headstone while the men get humongous mini-Washington Monuments? It just doesn't' seem fair.

9. Thunderstorms are awesome! I love watching a storm roll in while safe in my house. I have played in tropical storms when I was a child (Claudia? in 1979). Looking back, it was such a great idea to go swimming in a ditch in my backyard and that whole tornado warning thing was around. Still, thunderstorms are so cool to watch.

8. My house is a total wreck. I hate housekeeping. Words can't describe how much I hate dusting and washing windows.

7. I can swear in six different languages. French, Spanish, Korean, English, German. Thanks to my Dad who was a career Army guy. And also American Sign Language which is very handy (no pun intended) when quietly insulting a defense attorney while testifying in Juvenile Court during my social worker days.

6. My favorite color is blue. However, my favorite colorways for yarn are soft beach colors like taupe, gray, blue, sage, butter yellow and cream. I don't like harsh reds.

5. I was a Daddy's girl. I wanted to marry my Daddy when I was five. He was a sexist, macho, big guy but he wanted the best for his girls. I had to promise to finish college before I got married so I would not be at the mercy of any guy. He died ten years ago. He never had the opportunity to walk me down the aisle at my wedding or hold his namesake. I miss him every day even though I know he's watching from above arguing with my late aunt Erna about everything. I love you, Dad and you'll be happy to know my husband is still in fear of you.

4. I love tulips. They just make me happy!

3. I love trying different lotions and soaps. I'm bath care junkie and I'm not afraid to admit it. Homespun in Georgia is my favorite line.

2. I have no common sense at times.

1. The most important--my family. My husband and two kids (four if you count the dogs) are the most important people in the world.

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