Friday, February 4, 2011

Warning: Never let your children watch "House" episodes.

Never let your children watch "House" episodes.

Dave is a fan of the TV show "House". He used to record it on the DVR but Wesley watched a few minutes of one of the episodes before I caught him out of bed (it was 9:30 p.m.)

The next day I get a visit from the school nurse. Wesley is in her office and has self-diagnosed himself as having a Vitamin K deficiency. He has no symptoms except that he can't concentrate on an upcoming test because of this. Nurse sends him back to class.

A few days later, Wes is again in the nurse's office during lunch. Dr. Wesley tells the nurse he has anorexia as he stuffs the last bit of garlic bread into his mouth. He is too tired to go on. The nurse asks if he knows what anorexia is and he replied that it is a bad case of snoring at night.

We've put the dvr on parential lockout. Wesley is now trying to find a disease on Ben 10 or Spiderman. If he thinks he can get out of school because he's sticking to the walls, he's got another thing coming.