Sunday, June 24, 2007

Half a Rainbow Baby Blanket Pattern

Yet another pattern for your consideration....

Using 4 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun (one each in mint green, light lavender, cotton candy pink and baby blue) and size 17 circular with 29 inch cord. You can use any other type of yarn b/c a friend gave me a lot of this yarn.

CO on 50 stitches using two strands of the mint green (pull one end from center and the other from top), knit every row until skein runs out (about 40 rows or so--depending on how much you got in the skein).

Join two strands of purple, knit 8 rows.

Join two strands of pink (and cut purple), knit 20 rows.

Join two strands of purple (and cut pink), knit 8 rows.

Join two strands of blue (and cut purple), knit until you run out of blue yarn.

Bind off.

It's a very nice, colorful pattern--perfect for a baby. For a nice touch, I'm told you can crochet an edge around it using the left over purple yarn. I don't crochet as I'm genetically unable to do that skill.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pattern!

Anonymous said...

Love the Junk Yarn Afghan.

Anonymous said...

I first saw your 2007 post now - I just learned how to knit in January and I'm ADDICTED to the craft! I like your idea of using both ends of the yarn to use a "double" thread - never thought about doing that! I've wrapped what I thought was half the skein into a ball and then wrapped the other half into another ball and would work with "double yarn" like that - your's is much easier. *I liked the colors on the baby blanket, by the way too!